So here’s my backstory (cue the violins) I used to be a mortgage advisor (self-employed) then my third son was born. He was born with a rare genetic disorder called CCHS this means he can’t breathe very well when he gets tired or sleeps, he requires plugging into a ventilator and will always need this for the rest of his life.
He was born in Swindon hospital and after five days moved to Bristol hospital where we had our diagnosis for him and he had his operations. A further two months of living in Bristol I had to come home and look after my other two children. This meant that I was away from my wife and newborn. This was a total of six months in a hospital for Saul and my wife. Eventually, after consultations and home care, we could go home and our second journey began.
This meant giving up my job as I couldn’t commit to enough time as well as the costs associated with a network. I thought about what could I do to help support my family and be there for them at the same time. I gathered up my lose changed from the back of the sofa and the last bit of money in the bank and I’ve gone for broke. I’m determined to make this work. This is me.

I learned lots in hospital, soul-searching asking myself questions I never thought I’d have to answer and dealing with stuff I never wanted to deal with or thought I’d have to deal with. I broke, I hit lows but I got up each time. Did I hide sometimes you bet I did?

I made friends with other Dad’s and Mum’s I helped them, I tried to understand all.
I’ve grown lots and understand more than I wanted to about life and this is my new journey. This is me this is my life. I run this alongside my semi vlog/insta account which gives you warts and all of my life.

Unfortunately, my son Saul passed away early in 2019 and his very memory will always live on. I speak openly in my video’s about dealing with baby loss and have received many messages from people who have felt similar and voiced amazing support. Remember i’ve always got your back

I started The Discerning Dad Clothing Company, our aim is to bring you fashionable clothes at an affordable price. Our quality is second to none, we make sure that we source direct and not just using an off the shelf product. All our clothes are thoughtfully designed with the basis of a tattoo and skate background, but with two ranges we cater for those that like bolder prints as well as those that like more subtle branding.  We source our clothes from responsible companies, and where possible we use local and UK companies. Our t-shirts, polo shirts, and hoodies are all 100% organic cotton. We believe that looking after the environment is as important as looking good and where possible look at minimising any materials that can be harmful as well as using more sustainable products. With a passion to deliver great clothes as well as a great customer experience we hope you will find lots of items you love. We want to grow as a business and aim to bring fresh stock and ideas regularly so keep checking back with us. You may even find a little treat with every purchase.

It’s not just about the clothes, it’s about being part of the team, #teamtddcc is there to help you. It signifies help, understanding, belonging, being honest, listening and being a good human. We are all a little bit #teamtddcc please spread the word and use the hashtag in all your posts its a great way to show support.


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